The academy will consist of four pathways:



Visual Arts

Within each pathway, students will experience three strands
of art study:

Strand 1: Performing, Producing, Presenting & Creating
Students develop the ability to express ideas by creating original artworks in visual arts, music, media or theatre. Through their artistic experience, they enhance their power of imagination, creative thinking, and presentation skills. Additionally, they develop a respect for continual exploration and experimentation.

Strand 2: Reflection, Response & Analysis
In the roles of both artist and audience, students explore, respond to, analyze, and interpret the artistic work they experience. Students develop their understanding of the variable meanings that art can convey as they develop a deeper understanding of their own works and the works of others.

Strand 3: Exploration of History & Cultural Context
Students develop their understanding of the meaning and value of artists’ work as related to the artists’ own communities, cultures, and history. Students are provided with diverse opportunities to contribute, reflect upon, and respond to the arts within their own community, as well as within other historical, personal, social, and cultural contexts.

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